Basic Psylli Wraps – Low Carb | Gluten Free

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Basic Psylli Wraps – Low Carb | Gluten Free

Looking for a healthy low carb tortilla or wrap to put convenience and Tex-Mex back into your low carb diet? We don’t blame you. That was one of the first missions Fluffy Chix Cook undertook when they went low carb 14 years ago. Low carb Psylli Wraps are quick and easy and taste neutral, a blank canvas to build flavor and deliver the guts or tasty bits of the taco or wrap.

Growing up in Texas, tortillas became part of our daily diet almost as a birth-right. Congrats, Mrs. Fluffy Chix, you’ve given birth to a healthy, baby, fluffy chix, and you must now feed her Tex-Mex and especially, tortillas on a thrice weekly basis for the next 18-21 years or until her emancipation. I think it’s a rule that if you live in Texas (and it’s double for Texas natives), you must have an up-close and personal relationship with tortillas and tortilla chips. In fact, we’ve been known to break-up with restaurants based solely on the lacking quality of their chips (deep fried tortillas wedges) and salsa.



Low carb, gluten free, grain free wraps or tortillas are great GDS (guts delivery system) for any filling you care to send to your tummeh with love.


So it should come as no surprise when I tell you that giving up low carb tortillas in favor of a low carb ketogenic lifestyle was as substantial as cutting off a limb. Phantom pain was involved. And deprivation with its mean, ugly, vicious and relentless whining voice and biting teeth were the second half of that team. I knew I had to invent a low carb tortilla PDQ or die trying. But it had to be either Induction friendly, or Atkins OWL (On-going Weight Loss) friendly and it couldn’t spike my blood sugar when tested with the glucometer. Tall orders.

There are so many low carb wrap and tortilla recipes out in the universe. Just google it and see if I’m right! And I’ve created more than a few versions during the past 14 years living as an Atkins-neer. Most of those recipes exist in the Fluffy Chix Cook recipe archives, just do a search for tortillas and you’ll see! Some were more awesome than others. They all tasted very close to the real-deal high carbage counterpart. But many fell short in the integrity department—always coming up a bit shy in the stability department with wet fillings issues.

Enter DocP and her psyllium experiments.

Karma ensued.

And the earth shifted a tiny bit on its axis. Did you feel it?

This wrap recipe works so well, it made the cut to the new Fluffy Chix Cook website. Yes, they’re that good.

Seriously. These low carb wraps—you say wraps, we say tortilla— are deceptively simple, only 4 main ingredients in the purest iteration. And if you can make a pancake or crepe, you can make a Psylli Wrap. The secret is keeping the batter very pourable so the tortilla is very thin and spreads around the pan quickly and neatly before setting. Don’t be askeered, you’ll get the hang of it within the first one or two.

Low carb, gluten free, and diabetic friendly, Psylli Wraps are very Atkins Induction friendly. But they fall into a “shade of Page 4, gray. Dr. Westman’s Page 4 Diet allows Metamucil for those who experience tummy troubles. The ingredients in Metamucil are primarily psyllium husks with a few less than savory cohorts contributing to flavor. You drink this viscous, rather unappealing sludge and the result is…well, the earth moves.

Fiber and a Low Carb You

The traditional belief is that a low carb diet doesn’t give you enough “important” fiber and that a recommended dietary fiber threshold exists for optimum health. This is part of a fiber myth. Chris Kresser does an excellent job of debunking the fiber myth. But, there are some people who need a fiber supplement due to health reasons. Maybe you take medicines that slow your bowel functions? Maybe you have medical conditions that require an outside source of fiber stimulation? Susie T. is one of those needing to keep up with fiber with a little bit extra each day. Thank you very much cancer and chemo. Her go-to sources of fiber are glucomannan (soluble fiber), coconut flour (soluble and insoluble fiber) and psyllium husks (soluble and insoluble fiber). Just a little bit each day is enough to keep bowel functions normal. But, it’s important to know, when adding fiber to your diet, add it slowly and be sure to hydrate. Drink plenty of water to offset any bulking action from the added fiber. Do NOT exceed the serving size in the recipe, because afterall, psyllium is ALL fiber!!!




Fluffy Chix Cook chooses to play a little fast and loose with Dr. Westman’s Metamucil rule, preferring to chew our fiber instead of drink it. Enter Psylli Wraps—a terrific source of fiber via whole psyllium husks, no unsavory ingredients and tastes fantastic! And? They also make the earth move, and fill you up.




Each Psylli Wrap contains about 1.75g of whole carbs and most people will eat 1-2 wraps totaling 3.5 carbs will give you between 1 1/2-2 1/4 teaspoons of whole psyllium husks. So make sure to try these slowly and drink lots of water! Try one and see if it fits within your 20g whole non-netted carb budget. We think the pros outweigh the cons. They work as great for tacos and wrap fillings of every denomination as they make great enchiladas, crispy tostadas and pasta subs in low carb lasagna. What do you think?

And just to confuse you, we have 3 version to date (and counting)! Each brings something different to the low carb keto table. Some will be right up your wheel house and others will not, you decide.

Here are the links to the different versions of low carb keto Psylli Wraps




Basic Psylli Wraps – Low Carb | Gluten Free

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 20 minutes

Yield: 4 wraps

Serving Size: 1-2 wraps

Calories per serving: 21

Fat per serving: 0g

Basic Psylli Wraps – Low Carb | Gluten Free

This is DocP's low carb psylli wrap recipe, tweaked a bit around the edges to lower the carbs even more. We so appreciate her contribution to low carb keto fulfillment! We have our tortillas now...our preciouses.



  1. Combine dry ingredients, stirring to mix well. Pour egg whites into dry ingredients. Stir with a spoon or small spatula until you have an even, lump free batter. Batter should be very pourable, like a thin crepe batter. If it’s not thin enough, add more egg white. Do NOT add water or any other liquid—they will stick and turn brittle.
  2. Heat a nonstick skillet over medium high heat. Spray pan with olive oil spray. Measure 2 Tbsp of batter at a time, into a small cup. Pour batter into the pan all at once. Swirl quickly to distribute batter like a round crepe. Cook until set on one side. Edges will begin to curl slightly. Flip and cook on the second side. Each tortilla takes about 90 seconds to fully cook.
  3. Once both sides are set, flip back and forth in the pan, until you see brown spots on each side. The texture changes from semi-moist and dries out like a tortilla. Cool on a clean dish towel.
  4. Store cooled tortillas in an airtight container in the fridge up to a week, or freezer up to 1 month.


Notes: This recipe works great for any meal! It doubles and triples well. Make only enough for the week. It's a great way to get your psyllium in without drinking Metamucil—for those who are challenged by occasional irregularity!

About Psyllium: the recommended daily dosage of whole psyllium husks is 2 teaspoons. Please make sure to drink plenty of water when eating foods containing psyllium and made sure you do not gorge on Psylli Wraps! The Fluffys actually now prefer making Lo Lo Wraps (see Recipe Index). We eat 1-2 wraps per day and drink lots of water. Psyllium is not appropriate for everyone, please ask your doctor if it's ok for you to include it in your diet.

Serving Ideas: Use with your favorite taco or wrap filling, or in enchiladas, tostadas or lasagna.

Nutritional Information

Per Tortilla (no added spices): 21 Calories; 0g Fat (0.0% calories from fat); 3g Protein; 1.75g Carbohydrate; 1.25g Dietary Fiber; 0mg Cholesterol; 0.5g Effective Carbs

Per Tortilla with Spice Variation: 22 Calories; trace Fat (0.1% calories from fat); 3g Protein; 1.75g Carbohydrate; 1.25g Dietary Fiber; 0mg Cholesterol; 0.5g Effective Carbs

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Copyright © 2012 Fluffy Chix Cook. All rights reserved.




We are not dieticians, nutritionists or medical professionals. The materials on this blog are for informational (and fun) purposes only. We do not fact check, nor do we worry about sources. Please do your own fact checking. We encourage you to look things up and check with your doctor or health care professional before acting on anything seen on Fluffy Chix Cook.   xoxo


  1. Can i substitute ground pysllium husks iin place if whole ones?

    • Yes. Absolutely! The brand matters. Some are gritty, and you will just have to experiment. But by reputation, ground husk brands that work are: Jay Robb’s, Trader Joe’s, NOW!, and I can’t remember the others. Just use a little less ground husks or use a little more egg whites. The key will be that the batter needs to be very thin, almost implausibly thin! Like a thin crepe batter. And if it thickens up as it sits, thin with egg whites. They’ll work!

  2. These look amazing! Must try them with the ground husks. Can I use the powdered egg whites (reconstituted)? I will definitely try these tomorrow! Thanks so much.

    • Theoretically, it should be possible to go them with reconstituted egg whites. The batter needs to be crepe thin and very pourable. I have never tried them with the powdered whites. Let me know how they work!



  3. Can I use whole eggs instead of just whites?

    • sorry, but the will taste very egg and be too thick. the batter must be very thin.

  4. Did I say how much I love this recipe? I make two mig piles each week, one savoury and one sweet. They are great sweet filled with a ts of nut butter.
    Dry the savoury ones in the microwave and you have taco shells or nachos. Put one onto a buttered pan, a hand full of cheese and some bacon on it and cover it with a second wrap and fry for 4 mins on both sides – quesadilla. Make a thicker wrap (3x) and fry it on one side in butter, then turn it, put pizza toppings and cheese on and fry from the second side until the cheese is runny, then put the pan under the grill – pizza.I think it’s the best invention since sliced bread – and as that’s not longer on the menue it leaves this as my sole favourite.

  5. Made stuffed baked “manicotti” tonight with these wraps – my husband loved it! Thanks for sharing this tasty and versatile recipe.

  6. Oops I posted my other comment on the wrong recipe and couldn’t delete it.

    Mine did not turn out well. I think I got confused with the 1/2 cup egg whites or whole carton. I had itty bitty pancake type things. I really wanted this to work!

    • Sooooo…it’s pretty difficult to mess this recipe up, but let’s go through it. The 1/2c egg whites (it’s a 1/2 a cup not a 1/2 a carton), is a starting point. You want the batter loose, like a thin crepe batter, that swirls easily in a hot pan. Mix the ingredients. If it looks and feels “gloopy”, start adding a tiny bit of egg white, until it freely swirls. I add up to a cup of egg whites! It just doesn’t matter. The resulting wraps are very thin and sturdy if you cook them past the point of looking like a cooked egg white. The size of your wrap depends on the size of the nonstick pan you use. How much batter you use, depends on the pan size as well. We use about a 7-1/2 inch nonstick omelet pan. We wipe a pan with a paper towel that has either bacon grease, butter, or olive oil to oil it and do this between each wrap. We put in 3 TBSP (from the silverware drawer, not a true tablespoon–it’s a large soup spoon size) into a cup, then tump it all at once into a very hot pan. Swirl to coat the bottom of the pan. Wait til the edges begin to curl. Flip it and cook on the second side. Keep cooking and flipping until it’s dry and looks like a little tortilla. Place on a paper towel and repeat with the remaining batter.

      I now use a heaping TBSP (silverware drawer), a pinch of baking powder, garlic powder, and about 1 cup of egg whites. I get 10-11 wraps. We just made a batch this morning to make Sour Cream Turkey Enchiladas for tonight.

  7. Hi, I made these with NOW powdered psyllium husks and the psyllium clumped up as soon as it hit the egg whites. I could not get it unclumped no matter how much I mashed and whisked. Any tips on how to de-clump it? The blender maybe? My wraps had gritty parts where the clumps were. It was pretty yucky. I must be missing something?

    • Yes, use whole psyllium husks as specified in the recipe. 😀

      Some people do use powdered psyllium, but frankly, I’ve not had great success with it. It’s always gritty and is a pain to use. Most Fluffy Chix recipes use WHOLE psyllium husks. You can try letting the batter sit to see if the grittiness abates, but I’ve no idea if it will since I’ve not tested it with that kind.

      • Thanks for the quick response! I had bought the powdered kind for a bread recipe by Maria Emmerich that I am still a bit skittish to try. 😛 So I had it on hand. Will try the whole husks and see how it goes!

  8. I love this recipe so much. I have used it as the “noodles” in lasagna and I made a really great dessert with it.
    I spread peanut butter on it and added chopped pecans on it. I then rolled it up, put it on a plate, sprayed whipped cream on it, and sprinkled cocoa powder on the whipped cream. I topped it with mixed berries. It was really great

    • We’re so thrilled! And that dessert sounds AMAZING!!!! Thank you SO much for commenting!!!

  9. Made these today…needed far more than 1/2 cup egg whites and I still had problem getting them into the pan properly….good idea though, because I really need to increase my protein intake…will have to figure out for myself how I can make it work or us…

    • Sometimes just the simple difference in how you measure or the spoon you use or the brand of the psyllium or if you use ground psyllium versus whole (we use whole husk NOW! brand) results in BIG differences and determines how much egg whites you need to add. Just add it until you have a thin pourable spreadable, impossibly thin batter. Then cook them past the moist egg phase. They will turn dry and wrap/tortilla-ish.

  10. First- this is an OK replacement for tortillas. It is surprisingly eggy just as a tortilla vessel. Were they good? Yes! Were they worth it as a tortilla shell? Ehhhhh better off as a crepe.

    Now- I will invest in it as a lasagna noodle or manicotti. That would work out very well!

    • Thanks Missa! Just an fyi, I used carton egg whites (All Whites) and also, I make sure to cook them past the sticky spongy pale stage. They need to cook until they are dry and slide freely in the pan. At that point they cease to taste or feel eggy. 🙂 Hope you will try them again! And by the way, we have an induction pasta recipe. Scroll down to pasta.

  11. I bought some of the popcorn extract for the hoe cakes. Do you think these will taste more like corn tortillas by adding a little of that to this recipe?

    • Maybe? But we are working on a corn tortilla recipe and will have that out soon. Probably in FEAST – May.

  12. Will Yerbaprima psyllium husks work? I don’t have the NOW brand.

    • Maybe? I haven’t tried it. Some say it turns the dough purple? Dunno. 🙁

  13. These are THE BEST! and I have tried many – thanks !!
    Also your mile high biscuits are incredible

    • Thank you Gina! The real creds need to go to our friend DocP for her genius idea for these! 🙂 We just gilded the lily!

      • I’m allergic to eggs; what can I use in place?

        • Sorry to hear that. I have no idea really. You can try using the Energ-z Egg Replacer. Maybe try doing hydrated chia, but I’ve no idea really since egg whites (carton) are the liquefying glue that holds these together. 🙁


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