Facebook Pampered Chef Party!

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Facebook Pampered Chef Party!

Hi y’all just want to issue a personal invitation to an online Pampered Chef party hosted by Fluffy Chix Cook! Whey so fast? They’re having a 20% off stone bakeware (and it’s phenomenal stuff), so we wanted you to be able to take advantage of that with Christmas coming soon!!! Hope you will join us tomorrow and if you can’t, you can still order through our party until November 11, 2014.




The Fluffy’s are happy Pampered Chef cooks for over 15 years! Can you believe we’ve had a pizza stone, mandolin, 3 Mis n’ Scrapers and many spritzer bottles (and more) for well-over 14 years? I know, it’s hard for us to believe, too! And we like to share the information on the tools, tips, and tricks that make low carb keto cooking fun. Having the right tool for the jab is part of that enjoyment and fun–even proficiency. Hope you will join us for what’s sure to be a fun time together. (psssst. We’ve never hosted an online party!)





WHEN: OCTOBER 31, 2014

TIME: 11:30AM-12:30PM (Lunch Hour)

PARTY ORDER TIME FRAME: 10.31.14-11.14.14

We are not dieticians, nutritionists or medical professionals. The materials on this blog are for informational (and fun) purposes only. We do not fact check, nor do we worry about sources. Please do your own fact checking. We encourage you to look things up and check with your doctor or health care professional before acting on anything seen on Fluffy Chix Cook.   xoxo


  1. Over a decade ago, my friend was having a PC party at her home, and I went and got the clear plastic spoon-fork salad set (that can connect or be used separately). I don’t even know if they still have this thing–probably not.

    I used to use them for salads, but since I lost the little connector piece (and now the spoon half–thank you, dishwasher!), they mainly get used for stirring gall0n jugs of iced tea.

    • hehe nice! 😀

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