FEAST – Low Carb St. Patrick’s Day; Sparkle with Simple and Authentic Low Carb Irish Recipes

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FEAST – Low Carb St. Patrick’s Day; Sparkle with Simple and Authentic Low Carb Irish Recipes

Join Fluffy Chix Cook in FEAST | St. Patrick’s Day (March 2015); A Low Carb Keto Cooking Series for simple and authentic low carb keto Irish comfort food recipes that will make you sparkle like the pot of O’Malley’s gold! You’ll dance a jig over these amazingly simple low carb recipes and look like a culinary rockstar. Choose from 2 appetizers, a tempting spring time salad, 4 entrees, 5 side dishes, 3 desserts, plus Shamrock Knots with Irish Butter, Low Carb Irish Cream and Low Carb Irish Coffee. Low Carb FEAST – March is everything you need for a St. Patrick’s Day Feast but don’t be fooled. These delicious and quick keto recipes taste great any day of the year, 24/7/365. Feast 365.






Feast St. Patrick's Day e-book by Fluffy Chix Cook Front Cover

FEAST | St. Patrick’s Day – Simple And Authentic Irish Comfort Food Recipes to Make You Sparkle Like O’Malley’s Pot o’ Gold! (click image to order)


IN FEAST | ST. PATRICK’S DAY E-BOOK YOU’LL GET 124 Pages packed with simple and authentic low carb keto Irish comfort food recipes that are quick and easy. It’s a true foodie treasure trove of recipes easy enough for the novice home cook. FEAST March is the best of both worlds: great tasting food, and easy to prepare recipes. But don’t stop at St. Patrick’s Day; cook these yummy low carb recipes any day of the year. Choose from 2 appetizers, a crisp salad, 4 entrees, 5 side dishes, 3 desserts with all the fixin’s, plus low carb Shamrock Knots slathered with Irish Butter, AND Low Carb Irish Cream and Irish Coffee. You’ve found the pot of gold at the end of Paddy’s rainbow. You’ll get:

  • Simple to understand, detailed low carb recipes a novice cook could follow
  • Beautiful photos of every recipe to help guide you with how they can turn out
  • A La Cart Menu Selection with serving sizes
  • Nutritional Information on every recipe
  • Suggested equipment list
  • 13 Original low carb keto Fluffy Chix Cook recipes
  • 20 brand new recipes
  • 13 Atkins Induction & Page 4 friendly
  • Tall tales and fun stories about Irish food culture
  • Helpful tips & tricks to make cooking easier
  • Special Helpful Stuff section
  • Products & gadgets
  • Equivalents
  • Kitchen wisdom
  • Quick fixes
  • Cooking terms
  • Glossary
  • Low carb keto resource links


A La Carte Savory Menu from Feast St. Patrick's Day


A La Carte Dessert Menu from Feast St. Patrick's Day


Low Carb Shamrock Knots from Feast St. Patrick's Day


Feasture Page from Feast St. Patrick's Day


Low Carb Irish Cream from Feast St. Patrick's Day



Low Carb Glazed Guinness Brownies from Feast St. Patrick's Day


February FEAST | March-St. Patrick’s Day Celebration is now available on the Fluffy Chix Newsstand for $3.98/download.

Feast St. Patrick's Day e-book by Fluffy Chix Cook Front Cover

FEAST | St. Patrick’s Day – Simple And Authentic Irish Comfort Food Recipes to Make You Sparkle Like O’Malley’s Pot o’ Gold! (click image to order)










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  1. Susie,

    Your March FEAST is indeed a FEAST for the eyes and senses. Not only is it visually, exquisitely beautiful, but the recipes sound fabulous! I want to make several things from it right now! You’ve really outdone yourself and I hope you are very proud of your work. It is top quality from cover to cover and everyone should buy it!!

    I can’t remember the last time I had a bite of potato. Just don’t want it. But when I see photos of Hasselbeck Potatoes, it always looks so tempting. I never thought of substituting a turnip for the potato!! And I bought a turnip at the grocery store a couple of days ago so now I know how it will be prepared!!

    Dubliner Cheese Sauce – oh my!! I’ve added Dubliner to my next grocery list!!

    Love the stories, the recipes, all the great info, and the gorgeous photos – not only of incredible looking food, but also the wonderful related treasures in each that help tell the story of the theme. Awesome, perfect edition of FEAST!!

    Thank you seems woefully inadequate, but it is said in all sincerity and is deep from the heart.

    Big hugs,

    • Oh Alice, what a thoughtful and beautiful post and review!!! XOXOXO That warmed the cockles of my little heart hon! I’m so glad the book appeals to you and to your senses. I hope it helps ignite a passion for great low carb Irish comfort food! I think you will really love the Hasselback Turnips and also the Champ and Colcannon. So simple, but so comfort and warm. Let me know how you like them as you make them? MUAH!

  2. WOW!!!!!

    Each issue of FEAST just gets better and better….my screen is covered in drool…Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your hard work! What a deal for us!!!


    • Thank you so much for taking your time to come and share these special words!!! XOXO So glad you like it!!!

  3. Once again you give 100% to your readers! Such mouth watering recipes of course but also such attention to detail. I love the photography as always your photographs are beautiful and draw you in. I am so thrilled that I got this months ebook to add to my collection and cant start cooking!! Thank You again for helping me to keep it keto for me and my family. Cant wait for next month!!


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