Fluffy Chix Cook Explains Atkins Induction or Atkins Phase I

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Fluffy Chix Cook Explains Atkins Induction or Atkins Phase I

If you are looking for tasty and easy low carb keto meal plans that fit into an Atkins Induction or Phase I program, Fluffy Chix Cook can help. We add to our Atkins Induction and Atkins Owl Meal Plans all the time! Enjoy exploring how Fluffy Chix Cook’s Induction with bright and exciting low carb ketogenic recipes and meal plans that often include snacks and desserts. No need to for hunger and deprivation is completely optional in these Induction Meal Plans.







Welcome to the Atkins Induction Friendly Meal Plans from Fluffy Chix Cook. We’re glad you’re here. The recipes in this group use ingredients from the Food List for the first phase of the Atkins Diet Program, a low carb ketogenic lifestyle aimed at reducing post-meal blood sugar and insulin spikes and improving health markers through diet modification. Just click on the link above, to see the full Induction Friendly Food List.

During Induction we stick to 20g of Net Effective Carbs per day and ideally, consume 12-15g of core veggies per day. Calculate Net Effective Carbs or Net Carbs by subtracting the fiber content from an ingredient, recipe or meal, from the total carbs for that item. Later versions of the Atkins Diet bases Net Effective Carbs on the premise or idea that fiber is not absorbed or minimally absorbed and therefore the carbs in fiber don’t have to be counted as ingested carbs, because they should not affect blood sugar. There is some debate about the validity of subtracting fiber carbs and many plans do not allow carb netting. But for our purposes, any meal plan falling under Atkins Induction or Atkins Owl will show Effective Carbs.

Core Veggies are a group of very low carb, very high nutrient veggies considered veggie superstars by the Atkins group. To see a list of these veggies superstars, click on the Core Veggies link.

Be sure to drink to thirst and follow the detailed instructions for Atkins Induction or Phase I as written by the folks in the know, at Atkins.com. We’re just fluffy chix who like to cook and like to provide some of our food plans we’re using to live our successful low carb keto lifestyle!



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