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Meal Plan Hacks | Low Carb Keto Cooking Series

WE INVITE YOU TO MEAL PLAN HACKS | Low Carb Keto Cooking Series

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We’re so happy to have Fluffy Chix Cook’s own low carb keto e-books to share for your convenience! MEAL PLAN HACKS celebrates low carb keto sensibility as the Fluffys demonstrate how they make low carb keto meal planning simple and fast. We hope you’re ready for see how they got in-touch with their Inner Foodie. We will be adding new volumes as quickly as our little wings can type (you know we type slowly due to lack of fingers on our wings…)!

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Low Carb Keto Cooking Series – Meal Plan Hacks Part 1

Posted by on February 20, 2015 in BLOG, Fluffy Chix Cook | Meal Plan Hack Series | 2 comments

Low Carb Keto Cooking Series – Meal Plan Hacks Part 1

LOW CARB KETO COOKING SERIES | MEAL PLAN HACKS PART 1 by Fluffy Chix Cook addresses a complicated subject (low carb keto meal planning) and simplifies it into a Quick Survey, then a simple 5 Step Process. Hacking a meal plan to fit your individual needs is de-mystified and transforms the labor-intensive, stress-filled process into an enjoyable and fast process. Join the Fluffys as they analyze Susie’s Inner Foodie and create 3 days of sample meal plans using her individual low carb keto meal plan hack.

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