Egg Fast Meal Plans

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Fluffy Chix Cook loves experimenting with diet composition within the framework of a low carb keto lifestyle.  WARNING: It’s a very un-scientific approach, and we do not back our feeble experiments up with footnotes and studies. Google is your friend.


We think there might be merit in “shaking things up” and keeping our body guessing about how many calories or carbs it will get on any one day. Egg Fasting is one useful tool in low carb, keto diet “tom-foolery.” It’s been around longer than we’ve been low carbing (over 14 years). In the old days, typically Egg Fasts emphasized limiting your diet to a mono-fast. It really wasn’t a mono-fast in the strictest definition of the term, because it involved more than one type of food each day. (The Fluffys do not necessarily believe eating only one food per day “detoxes” anything, it’s just goofy fun.) Egg Fasts evolved to include some ratio of eggs:fat:cheese (hard cheese + cream cheese).


We took it one step further and determined Fluffy Chix lose as well with an ADF EF (Alternate Day Egg Fast) as we do with a consecutive day Egg Fast. (We don’t want our body getting used to super low, daily carb totals.) We’re using the ADF EF as a means to cycle carbs between a very low level one day and a higher level, up to 20g Total Carbs) on alternating days. ADF breaks monotony and it’s our non-scholarly theory that it will prevent the body from down-regulating metabolism. Remember, that’s our story and we’re sticking to it!)


We presently suspect that many of the low carb gurus may be right, that netting carbs to subtract fiber may not be appropriate for every person (we believe we may be one of those “persons.”) So for the sake of the ADF EF (Alternate Day Fasting – Egg Fast), we will keep carbs to 20g total carbs per day (non-netted), and will keep fats between 75-85% daily. We’re also trying to keep protein in a broad range that works for the Fluffy’s individual protein needs: between 60-85g daily. Total daily carbs will vary: Egg Fast Days = 5-6g Total Carbs; Page 4 Days (aka Non-EF Days)=less than or equal to 20g Total Carbs.






Egg Fasting is a form of LCHF (low carb high fat) dieting. It may not be appropriate for everyone. You must ALWAYS check with your doctor before changing your diet and lifestyle, especially if you have underlying medical conditions, especially if you are taking any medication for it. Ahem…that’s you heart patients, cancer warriors, auto-immune fighting super heroes, and medicated diabetics!