Miracle Noodle and Miracle Rice Reviews – Low Carb and Gluten Free

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Miracle Noodle and Miracle Rice Reviews – Low Carb and Gluten Free

Fluffy Chix Cook reviews low carb and gluten free, zero calorie noodles and rice from Miracle Noodle. Find out how the Fluffys feel about Miracle Noodles and Miracle Rice. Will they use them with joy or avoid them like the plague? Maybe your want to know if Miracle Noodles and Miracle Rice are even healthy for you or have a place in your diet? The Fluffys will clue you in to all these burning questions about the popular Miracle Noodles and Rice that are sweeping the health and fitness world.







Let’s chew the rice. Let’s start with the rice issue and just discuss the elephant in the living room wearing the pink tutu in our low carb world. Rice as we knew it in our high carbage glory days is long gone. And being Southerners (*gulp*), surrendering rice and stepping away from the diabetes ledge was a heeeeee-uuuuuuuuge step to take in our evolution towards healthy low carb living and growing the frick up while simultaneously “growing a pair.”

Some days it felt nearly impossible. The song, “I Can’t Live, If Living is Without You,” comes to mind. We PINED for rice. We jonesed for it. We bargained with our blood glucose meter for it. The answer was always the same, “Sorry, no deal.” Finally acceptance set in, followed shortly by its friends: stoicism and resignation. We resigned ourselves to a life sans rice. Sure, we could make cauli rice—it’s good, don’t get us wrong, but in the end it IS cauliflower tricked out in rice form. It doesn’t have the bite or chew that our beloved Uncle Ben’s Converted Rice possessed.


Low Carb Miracle Vegetarian Fried Rice


Then we found Miracle Rice made by the visionary folks at Miracle Noodle. We were skeptical. Of course loving our Chinese and Asian food we were on a first name basis with rice paper and rice noodles of ALL varieties. And boy howdy did we love them! But we didn’t really “think” there was a possibility these little round orbs of shirataki love would or could replace the life-long love affair with rice, or rice noodles. We were wrong. The chew and bite or tooth of rice is back, Jack! We can’t believe how satisfying it is to use Miracle Rice in all of our low carb recipes that called for high carb rice.


Low Carb Crunchy Parm Miracle Rice


And we’re getting healthy while eating Miracle Rice. We can’t make the same claim about high carbage rice. Be sure to read more about the health benefits of konjac or konjaku root, the Japanese yam used to make konjac powder and shirataki rice and noodles. We were surprised to learn konyaku is an ancient food enjoyed by Buddhist monks and Chinese and Japanese families since before the 17th century.


Miracle Fettuccini Noodles


Miracle Angel Hair Noodles


Miracle Noodles are very similar to the texture of rice noodles. Visit Miracle Noodle to see the huge selection of shapes and flavors. The noodles represent a blank canvas for you to build a food extravaganza. We love Miracle Noodles sturdiness and twirlability. We love how the noodles lovingly convey sauces down our pie holes. And we love how easy they are to use, and how they work with any flavor profile. We go through jags, where that’s ALL we want: all noodles, all day. And boy do they satisfy and fill us up-keeping us full for hours. Just last night we made crack noodles to go with grilled steak. Dayum! I wish we took photos but we had to shovel it down our gobs so fast, the knives and forks were flying, things got dangerous and ‘iffy’ as they often do at feedin’ time. And well, it just wasn’t safe to snap a pic. (But we’ll bring you the recipe for Crack Noodles soon, swearsies!)


Closeup Quick Miracle Pho Soup


Miracle Noodles and Miracle Rice are food chameleons, food adaptogens. They take on the flavor of anything cooked with it. And that’s what good old Southern rice is supposed to do too, right? The low carb shirataki rice takes on the flavor of the moment and elevates it with a nice texture and chew. And as with its high carbage counterpart—it makes a terrific SDS (sauce delivery system). The same can be said for Miracle Noodles. Just as high carb pasta makes a twirly SDS, so do Miracle Noodles. We adore the Miracle Organic Spaghetti and also the Miracle Fettuccini.

Both Miracle Rice and Miracle Noodles provide volume to meals, the way the old high carbage rice and pasta used to function. But, the difference is the Miracle products won’t spend a lifetime on your hips after the fun on your lips. Because they are made of indigestible Japanese yam, a 100% soluble fiber, they have no calories and no carbs. It’s a secret Japanese mama’s have used for years to help them control calories. And because of the soluble fiber, Miracle Noodles and Miracle Rice have been observed to reduce bad cholesterol and improve inflammation and blood glucose too.


Low Carb Miracle Rice - Vegetarian Fried Rice


Now, some people complain about the unique aroma of shirataki noodles-straight from the bag, but easily quenched with rinse of cold running water. Others are afraid of “slimy texture.” So again, let’s talk elephants in living rooms in various stages of undress. We declare, “Shenanigans!” on these fears.” Look, plenty of fine foods (gourmet foods) and ingredients possess a unique bouquet: onions, garlic, aged cheese, mushrooms, truffles—and yet, we slavish run to them with eagerness and joy. We think shirataki have been given a bad rap on that score.(Again, reference the “growing a pair” advice, and just rinse under cold water. NBD (no big deal).) As for the slime, don’t confuse pearlescence and hydration for slime. Neither rice nor pasta is slimy, but they are wet, and that’s easily remedied.




The best way to eliminate extra moisture from the noodles (that can make a sauce lose its body) is to rinse, drain and toss the Miracle Noodles and Rice into a hot nonstick skillet cranked to medium high heat. Quickly dry sauté the shirataki rice (or noodles) in the dry pan. They’ll jump, sizzle, pop a bit, and as you stir they will lose their moisture and dry out (about 2-3 minutes). Once dry they lovingly accept any sauce, including just plain old grass fed butter—and will taste like a million bucks.


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We’re thrilled to review Miracle Noodles and Miracle Rice and give them five enthusiastic Fluffy wings up (equivalent to a 5 star rating). Please go buy them and try them. Follow our recipes for excellent results and you too will become a Miracle Noodle and Miracle Rice fan. Then rush back here and post a love note extolling the low carb keto, low cal virtue of Miracle Noodles. By the way, we’ll be developing recipes as fast as our Fluffy Wings can flap! While you’re waiting, go make Fluffy Vegetarian Fried Miracle Rice. You’ll swoon from joy.


Free Miracle Noodle Cookbook

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Visit Miracle Noodle to find out more about the low carb Miracle Noodles and Miracle Rice. They have a fabulous selection of healthy low carb products beyond the noodles and rice, offer great recipes, success stories and healthy information. You can also order from them directly and right now at the time of writing, they offer free shipping and free pedometer with every 12 piece sample pack, and also offer 15% off on their Auto Delivery program!


Make sure to check out our Fluffy Chix Cook Recipe Index for low carb ketogenic Miracle Rice and Miracle Noodles recipes and more!


(Disclaimer: Psssst! At the time of this review the Fluffys we not affiliated with Miracle Noodle, nor did we recipe any payment or free product. We only tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth and all opinions and words are our own. And we’d tell ya if something makes us gak! But we heartily approve and endorse Miracle Noodles and Miracle Rice.)




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  1. I first had Shirataki as a child when we lived in Japan. I was delighted when I discovered them online in 1998 and I still mostly buy them from the same original site, konjacfoods.com I buy them by the case and they still have the best price. I get a mixed case of 24 bags/12 shapes for $40 including shipping and the bags are bigger. You can also just buy a case of your favorite shape. They’ve added a few videos but otherwise the site is still the same no frills site I found in ’98. When miracle noodles first came out I assumed they had a distribution deal with Kojac Foods. I do the sizzle in a pan trick but most of the time I dry them in the microwave. After rinsing I put a microwavable colander in a bowl & nuke for 2 minutes, pour off water from the bowl, toss/fluff the noodles then repeat. After the second 2 minutes you’ll see almost no water in the bowl and then you can proceed with your recipe.

    PS: they aren’t actually yams and the konjac plant is not related to yams in any way. Apparently in some parts of Asia they were called yambean due to a quirk of translation 🙂
    PPS: Love your recipes. I follow you on twitter & RSS so I won’t miss anything LOL!

    • Hi Granny, and thanks for your info! Loved your story about growing up in Japan and the history of konjac tubers. So glad you like and use Fluffy recipes! We originally used Konjac brand of shirataki noodles. Konjac Foods does have excellent prices. However, I don’t care for the way they ship them. On two separate occasions they packed the noodles so tightly into the USPS box that both boxes arrived split open and taped closed. One package of noodles had ruptured and leaked all over. In addition to poor packing, we’ve also “heard” that Konjac Foods noodles are made in China. And we do not feel safe eating many foods manufactured in China at the moment. I mean afterall, if you can’t even trust pet food manufactured in China, why risk your life eating a food made in China?

      Conversely, the shapes of Miracle Noodles that we eat: angel hair, fettuccini, and rice are made here in the United States, produced in Los Angeles. So I’d much rather pay a little extra and support jobs in the States for the good of our economy. We’ve also never had any issues with shipping. So again, it’s a case of “you get what you pay for,” or in this case: “You can have quality, fast, or cheap. Pick any two.”

      Additionally, the texture of Konjac Foods angel hair pasta is so soft and thin that it feels slightly slimy in it’s wetness and does not have much body. So it “clumps” and “masses” up in a recipe. The shape of Miracle Noodle’s Angel Hair is more like spaghetti. As long as you dry fry them, there is no extra moisture and they have enough body to separate and stand apart, similar to real pasta when cooked al dente. They accept sauce much better. Also the fettuccini noodles are not squidgy like Konjac Foods fettuccini shape. Konjac’s are thicker and the fettuccini actually squeaks when you eat it.

      We committed to only posting reviews of products we heartily love and personally endorse. So for that reason, you will only see reviews of products with “wings up.” But what you don’t see are the round trash cans filled with failures from products that don’t make the grade. Unfortunately, Konjac Food’s shirataki noodles: fettuccini, linguini (marginally acceptable), and angel hair, just frankly did not make the Fluffy grade. Neither did Nasoya’s. And we absolutely gakked over Konjac’s Oat Fiber Shirataki! *shudder*.

      So there you have it. A comparison of brands. There is a big difference between Miracle Noodle and other brands in our humble opinion. Not all shirataki are created equal. 🙂 In fact, we like and approve Miracle Noodle so much that we have shared a recipe with them on their Facebook page, and they have invited Fluffy Chix Cook to create a recipe or two for their company-high honor! We’re excited and will see if we can do their excellent US made food justice! 😀


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