Sukrin USA – Low Carb Gluten Free Zero Calorie Sweeteners and Sukrin Fiber Syrups Review

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Sukrin USA – Low Carb Gluten Free Zero Calorie Sweeteners and Sukrin Fiber Syrups Review

Fluffy Chix Cook reviews low carb and gluten free, sugar substitutes and fiber syrups (sirup) from Sukrin USA. Sukrin is new to the USA, but is Scandinavia and Europe’s leading brand for natural origin (not man-made), non-GMO health foods including zero calorie sweeteners, zero calorie fiber syrups, and low carb baking ingredients and mixes such as nut flours, and bread mixes. Sukrin also produces low carb chocolates. Their low carb sweetener products are non-GMO erythritol based and help low carbers re-invent baking. Find out what happens when the Fluffys meet the zero calorie sweeteners from Sukrin USA and find out why they give Sukrin five solid wings up!




Sukrin USA Low Carb Sweeteners and Fiber Syrups


We can’t tell you how happy we were to meet Pernille Bjerring of Sukrin USA, because we’ve been waiting for healthy, non-GMO, beyond organic, naturally sourced zero calorie sweeteners and Karo-like syrups for 15 years; and we’re not even purists, only mid-hedonists! Seriously. For 15 years the Fluffys pined for low carb keto gooey brownies (instead of cake brownies), chewy cookies (instead of brittle cookies), and caramels and sauces that don’t crunch. We’ve moaned and sulked because we jonesed for carb and calorie free molasses that had the same texture as the full throttle high carbage stuff, but didn’t taste like maple syrup. And we yearned for zero calorie brown sugar. BROWN SUGAR (yes! we’re yelling!)

So when Pernille, the US importer and President of Sukrin USA, approached and kindly offered to send us a couple of groups of free samples so we could “give them a shake-down,” we flapped our fluffy wings while jumping up and down shouting, “Oh heck yeah! Give us ALL THE SAMPLES! We heart free samples!”


Closeup Sukrin USA Low Carb Sweeteners


When the boxes arrived and we unloaded our “really big haul,” we couldn’t believe our luck, so MANY products to test! But we did have skepticism. We worried our blood sugar would go cra cra and that everything looked too good to be true. So we tested each product, and none of the low carb sugar subs gave us a spike! The milk chocolate did give Susie a tiny spike of about 20 points, but that is congruent with the spike she sees when eating chocolate. And each low carb, super low calorie sweetener and fiber syrup tasted great! In all, we are stoked that baking as we know it will change from here out. Sukrin USA erythritol based sweeteners and fiber syrups are game changers. The Fluffys give the Sukrin family of zero calorie sweeteners five enthusiastic wings up (equivalent to 5 stars)!

The only negative thing to mention that could present a problem for some is that these products are more expensive than the cheaply made, and poor quality sugar alternatives out there. But, they are very comparable to other erythritol based products while being distinct in their demand for natural, beyond organic ingredients. Sukrin zero calorie sweeteners and fiber syrups (and all Sukrin products) are beyond organic, imported from Scandinavia, and are made from very high quality non-GMO sourced real foods. And frankly, we expect to pay more for wholesome, real food products we trust, rather than so much of the stuff in the grocery store that gets cut with maltodextrin (i.e. sugar by any other name–that’s why some products on your grocery shelf “appear” as a lower price point). Their entire company is focused on producing very high quality, healthy (and soy free) food products for the low carb, ketogenic, and health-minded communities. Ok, so that’s the “con” out of the way, let’s get on with the “pros” because there are a lot!

(DISCLAIMER | You should know that the fact that the Fluffys scored two boxes from Sukrin USA, filled with Sukrin zero calorie sweetener products, fiber syrups, sesame meal, and CHOCOLATES (did we mention erythritol sweetened GENU-INE Swiss milk chocolate?) to try; we were beyond stoked–did not influence this review. However, we calmly informed Pernille that we’d get back to her and let her know if the Sukrin products made us gak, or if they made our blood sugar take a ride on the diabetes rollercoaster.

We let Mrs. Sukrin USA know that we’d only report the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us low carb gods. But hells! We just didn’t know exactly how excited they were gonna make us! We’re thrilled. Baking is back “on” like Donkey Kong and the oven lights glow in our kitchen once more. Oh and btw? We’re not getting any cold hard dinero for this review. Shux!)


So let’s get right to it since we have many products to give a preliminary report on and we want to tell you about the newest and greatest products first-Sukrin Fiber Syrups (or Sirups as they are spelled in Scandinavia). Sukrin makes two kinds of fiber syrups: clear and golden.


Sukrin USA Fiber Syrup (clear)


Sukrin Clear Fiber Syrup (Sirup)
Think Karo without the high fructose corn syrup. The possibilities with this feel endless! Seriously. I believe this clear syrup will single handedly bring back gooey brownies and cakes. The Fluffys think it will help reintroduce a little elasticity to dough and also perhaps, prevent the recrystallization of erythritol. And come on, we all know how much that little bugger (erythritol) likes to go back to crystal form. Sukrin (clear) Fiber Syrup can be thinned down to make a simple syrup that won’t recrystallize with refrigeration, it will make caramels and candies with a smooth bite. We’re trying to contain ourselves here. Can you tell? We can hardly wait to begin recipe development with this gorgeous syrup. No cooling effect detected!

Nutritional Information: IMOs (isomalt oligosaccharides), steviol glycerides.

per teaspoon (2g) 8 Calorie; 0g Fat (0% calories from Fat); 0g Protein; 3.8g Carbs; 3.5g Fiber (sugar alcohols); 0.3g Effective Carbs




Sukrin USA Golden Fiber Syrup


Sukrin Golden Fiber Syrup (Sirup)
Think molasses without the sugar. Don’t be fooled by the caramel color and buy it expecting thick and gooey maple-licious flavor. You will be sorely disappointed! This is sugar free molasses, straight up. We feel like giving a rebel “hell yeah!” That’s how excited we are about Sukrin Golden Fiber Syrup. It will reduce our carb count on barbeque sauces and dressings. It will add color and texture to low carb baked goods and sugar free candy. And we distinguish no cooling effect. “Thah crahps ah sayuved,” as we say in the South!

Nutritional Information: IMOs (isomalt oligosaccharides), gluten free malt extract, steviol glycerides.

per teaspoon (2g) 8 Calorie; 0g Fat (0% calories from Fat); 0g Protein; 3.8g Carbs; 3.5g Fiber (sugar alcohols); 0.3g Effective Carbs




Sukrin USA Gold (Low Carb Brown Sugar)

(Click to order Sukrin Gold.)


Sukrin Gold (zero calorie brown sugar sub)
Sukrin Gold replaces high carb brown sugar with a zero calorie, healthy alternative. If you’ve whined and moaned for a low carb sugar free brown sugar substitute that actually tastes great—like brown sugar, quit your moanin’ right now! It’s here. It looks, tastes, feels and acts like brown sugar! Of course low carb cookies and cakes will never be the same. Less than 1 calorie per teaspoon, it’s made from erythritol which is a “natural origin” = not man-made, naturally fermented non-GMO corn starch. And because erythritol doesn’t get absorbed by the body, the Fluffys do not count the carbs (sugar alcohols) that it contributes toward the total carb count in a recipe.

Nutritional Information: Natural sweetener erythritol (polyol), tagatose, glycerol, malt extract (gluten-free) and steviol glycosides.

per teaspoon (5g) 0 Calorie; 0g Fat (0% calories from Fat); 0g Protein; 5g Carbs; 5g “Fiber” (sugar alcohols); 0g Effective Carbs





Sukrin USA Melis (Low Carb Powdered Sugar)

(Click to order Sukrin Melis.)


Sukrin Melis (zero calorie powdered sugar sub)
Sukrin Melis is a 1:1 sub for powdered sugar. Yippee! Expect it to dissolve easier than granular zero calorie sweeteners. We’re so excited to use it in icing to see how it performs. There is a slight cooling effect as you would expect from erythritol based products but it is not overwhelming. We really like the flavor of this powder sugar sub and think you will too.

Nutritional Information: Natural sweetener erythritol (polyol) and steviol glycosides.

per teaspoon (2g) 0 Calorie; 0g Fat (0% calories from Fat); 0g Protein; 2g Carbs; 2g “Fiber” (sugar alcohol-erythritol); 0g Effective Carbs





Sukrin 1 Low Carb Sugar Replacement

(Click to order Sukrin1.)



Sukrin 1 (1:1 zero calorie granular sugar sub)
Sukrin 1 is a 1:1 sub for table sugar. It has a very lovely flavor, very sugar-like, and only the tiniest amount of cooling effect—almost negligible to us. Looks, feels, and has a similar texture to sugar. We love that it’s gluten free and from non-GMO, natural origin ingredients. No man-made gunk in this product. We also love that we don’t have to work out a complicated algebra problem in order to use this in a recipe. So if little Susie has a recipe that calls for 1 cup of sugar and she wants to replace it with Sukrin 1. How much Sukrin 1 will she need? Solve for X. Piece of cake. 😉

Nutritional Information: Natural sweetener erythritol (polyol=sugar alcohol) and steviol glycosides.

per teaspoon (5g) 0 Calorie; 0g Fat (0% calories from Fat); 0g Protein; 5g Carbs; 5g “Fiber” (sugar alcohol-erythritol); 0g Effective Carbs


We will be testing these product with newly developed recipes and will eagerly bring you more substantial reviews about how each one performs. So continue to check back with our review section for late-breakin’ Sukrin USA news!


Visit Sukrin USA and place an order today! (They offer free shipping for orders $75 or more.)

Contact Sukrin USA by email.



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  1. Aaackkk!! I just went to order these, but they don’t seem to have the syrups available. Any chance you know what the deal is? I tried searching the web too with no luck. I am REALLY looking forward to trying these. Thanks!

    • WEll nevermind! Although I SWEAR they weren’t anywhere on the website when I wrote earlier, they are now. I’ve ordered pretty much the whole line. Thanks for posting about these.

      • Yay!!!! So glad they are available now. I heard they were releasing this weekend! 🙂 Happy cooking!

    • Celia I had heard they would be released this weekend? I will check back on Monday for you and update! Keep checking their site though! 🙂

      • The first time I looked for the syrups they weren’t on the website, but about an hour later, they were! So they must have updated the website between my two visits. I ordered pretty much everything on Saturday, and I got it today!!! Very fast service. I have a loaf of the sunflower pumpkinseed bread in the oven. I don’t usually use mixes, and I’ll probably make my own with the same ingredients, but it’s so nice to have something you just add water to and bake for the days I don’t feel like cooking. BTW, did you notice that they also mention tortillas on the box of oat/sesame bread??? I’ll definitely try that soon because although I really like your psylli wraps, having something a little more substantial but still almost no carb would be nice. Thanks again for reviewing these products :-).

        • Celia have you tried our tortillas in FEAST Cinco de Mayo? They are substantial and lovely. But cool that you found the Sukrin mixes! Wish I could use them! 🙂 They’re a great company, so I’m happy you found things you like!

          • No — I’ll get the Cinco de Mayo… BTW, the sunflower/pumpkinseed bread is VERY good! I’ll definitely keep some of these mixes on hand for dietary emergencies. Is there a reason that you can’t use them? I hope I don’t sound too nosy (I know I do – sorry!) — just if there’s something in the ingredient list I’ve overlooked, I’d like to know. I’d probably rather it didn’t have pea protein and resistant corn starch, but it’s not a deal breaker. I tested BS and didn’t get a spike at all — at 1 hour, which is when I usually spike, it was 87. That was, ahem, after 4 slices (but small slices).

          • Hi Celia! No, the Sukrin mixes all sound to die for or rather TLF (to live for). I just have a whacked body and am allergic to pea proteins, flax, and almonds. 🙁

  2. Nice! I’m currently using Just Like Sugar and it’s all right, I can tell I’d deal OK with it in Paleo baking, but for its current use I’m having some problems because it just isn’t sweet enough which means I use more of it. I may give some of this stuff a shot and see if I fare any better with it. I’m not liking that there’s an ingredient from stevia, apparently, because too much of that and I get heart palpitations, but in the amounts I’m currently using sweetener it may be no big deal.

    (Yes! Heart palpitations on stevia are A Thing! I couldn’t believe it either, but if you google it you find other testimonies to the same effect.)

    • Holy cow Dana! I had no idea about the heart palps with Stevia! I will now keep an eye out! One thing you should know about sweeteners are that they have synergy when used with a combination together. So you might benefit from having a bottle of EZSweetz sucralose drops. They add a TON of sweetness for only 1-2 drops. It’s an easy way to boost sweet without using Stevia!! Hugs and hope these work for you. Maybe the Sukrin Gold will help too (tagatose Plus E). 🙂 Let us know how it works for you!

  3. Can. Not. Wait. For you to apply your creative Southern genius to these products!
    I am so sensitive to most of the other natural sweeteners and their metallic…oh, yes
    Happy day~O!!!

    • 🙂 I can’t wait to have a go at it. Would have tested and played today but sadly, we are going to a very unexpected funeral that just suddenly popped up. 🙁

  4. Very happy to see you.sell in the US.

  5. For someone who can’t afford to buy them all, is there one you feel we should try first and foremost?

    • Yes. Sukrin Gold. It’s a game changer.


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