fluffy-chix-cook-blogHowdy! And welcome to Fluffy Chix Cook, a low carb food blog dedicated to ketogenic, mostly gluten free, diabetic-friendly recipes and meal plans. Are you diabetic or metabolically impaired, have advanced diseases of metabolism such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, auto immune disease, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s? Maybe you want to lose a few pounds? Best yet, maybe you’ve decided to pro-actively make a healthy, lifestyle change and beat disease before it starts, and you need (or want) bombastically delicious, low carb food—bold in flavor. Well, Congrats. You’ve come to the right place!

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The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.
― Julia Child


Fluffy Chix low carb, keto-licious recipes and meals, take the guess-work out of living low carb. We’ll share easy to follow, family favorites, genius ingredients, give plenty of low carb tips and tricks that make food prep easier, and generally encourage you to play with your food. And during your low carb ketogenic  journey, you’ll realize how much better you feel and that your pants are suddenly baggy!

chix-wizard-hatI’m Susie T. Gibbs, food blogger, writer, photographer and the chief cook and bottle washer around Fluffy Chix Cook. I’ve lived low carb over 14 years and know a thing or two about cooking. I’m passionate about developing great tasting, low carb recipes, enjoy formulating strategic meal plans to help you realize the economy of living low carb, and want to help make your ketogenic journey the next best thing to a high carbage cake walk. And if you’re not careful, I might throw in a tall Texas tale, now and then.

Go from fluffy to fit – one meal at a time – and sometimes, one bite at a time. Let’s reinterpret all the family classics and more! No deprivation. No long suffering diet blues. No cranky kitchen wench. OK, I’m lyin’. I will still be a cranky kitchen wench sometimes…that’s how I roll. But I can guarantee there will be a whole lot of slap-yer-mama deliciousness that’ll make your mouth forget all about how good every bite is for your bottom – er – I mean your waist-line.

So, hey y’all watch this!