FEAST |February – a low carb keto valentine’s feast for lovers

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FEAST |February – a low carb keto valentine’s feast for lovers

FEAST | A VALENTINE’S FEAST FOR LOVERS by Fluffy Chix Cook delivers a full menu of low carb keto recipes to celebrate Valentine’s Day in romantic low carb style. Gulf coast blue crab cakes with jalapeno rèmoulade, bbq stone claws, quick chicken cordon bleu, salad, asparagus, keto rolls and two dessert choices make this keto Valentine’s meal a true feast for less than 12-18 total carbs! Mix and match and customize the menu to fit your personal carb threshold. If you’re looking for a truly traditional Coastal Southern meal, look no further. But don’t stop at Valentine’s Day! Use these low carb keto Southern classics all year long!








IN FEAST | VALENTINE’S FEAST FOR LOVERS E-BOOK YOU’LL GET 108 Pages packed with all the information you need to cook an authentic low carb keto Southern Valentine’s Dinner for Lovers from scratch, a true foodie delight. But don’t stop at Valentine’s Day, cook these yummy low carb recipes any day of the year. You even have a choice of two meals: a Light Menu & Surf-n-Turf. You’ll get:

  • Menu with serving sizes
  • Suggested equipment list
  • Detailed shopping list (or pantry checklist)
  • 13 Original low carb keto Fluffy Chix Cook recipes
  • 10 brand new recipes
  • 10 Atkins Induction & Page 4 friendly
  • Tall tales and fun stories about Southern food culture
  • Helpful tips & tricks to make cooking easier
  • Special Helpful Stuff section
  • Products & gadgets
  • Equivalents
  • Kitchen wisdom
  • Quick fixes
  • Cooking term
  • Glossary
  • Low carb keto resource links












February FEAST | Valentine’s is now available on the Fluffy Chix Newsstand for $1.99/download.


February FEAST e-book on the Fluffy Newsstand $1.99 (Click image or button to purchase.)














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  1. I would have to go with surf and turf, it looks amazing. Who is the awesome photographer? I’m drooling!

  2. It is AMAZING!!!!!!! And yes, the caramelized topping for the Creme Brûlée is absolutely BRILLIANT!!! Creme Brûlée is a fav due to that very component of the dessert…My motto has always been…The only reason to eat the chocolate is cause it covers up the caramel!!!! Thanks Sooze Gibbs!!!!

    • Yay!!! Thanks Tami, so glad we have your seal of approval!!! 😀 So glad!

  3. Sooze this book is just so beautiful I even had to print it because of all the low carb tips and info that is included in the book. I cant wait to get my hands on some crab!! I also loved the chicken cordon blue recipe which I made immediately. My whole family scoffed it down! I can just imagine all the work you put into this book. It’s not just recipes you have given us. I am so excited to try that chocolate tart too! Thank you for all your hard work and all you do. I really appreciate all you do and just love all your recipes! The best 99 cents I have spent in a long time!!

    • Allison thank you so much for your review! You are so good to us and generous with your praise!!! I’m so glad you grabbed it at the Inner Circle flash special!!! Wasn’t the Chicken Cordon Bleu easy peasy to taste so good??

  4. I simply can’t get over how easy the prep/cooking is on all the recipes! When I think of great food-I think, hours in the kitchen—-NOT so!. Some may think no carbs-no flavor—NOT so! These recipes will have you in and out of the kitchen to enjoy a wonderful feast with a loved one. I really love the chapter:Perfect Low Carb Keto Pantry. The list is perfect for newbies as what to keep on hand not just for these recipes but for the everyday day meals. This 108 page ebook is worth so much more than $1.99! It is soooo much more than just a recipe book!! Thanks Soozie (& Denny) for your wonderful collaboration.

    • Oh Ranita! Thank you so much for your generous review!!! I’m so glad you’ve been able to save time with the prep! LOL, I told you we went into big detail to help novice home cooks enjoy a flavor-packed low carb keto life!!!! XOXO

      • I am not a novice cook, but I sure can tell you how much I enjoy LESS prep and cook time….no need for the novice cook to be intimidated by these recipes!! You did a wonderful job in the “details”.

        • We tried to give something for everyone. Most of the recipes are very basic. There is only one technical recipe in the book, and that’s the Rustic Chocolate Tart. The rest are Simple Foods – low carb keto staple recipes to make again and again over the year, not just on a feast day.

  5. This is such an incredible book! Not only are the recipes to die for, the additional information you include is beyond helpful, and the best I have seen in a keto cookbook. It is so helpful to have the shopping list, let alone all of the additional information you include, like the equivalents table, resources,kitchen basics, cooking terminology etc. Absolutely the most useful and all inclusive cookbook I have read in a month of Sundays! Beautiful pictures just add to it’s delight. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this wonderful book, it definitely is so much more than a cookbook, it’s a great addition to anyone’s library.

    • Lizzie, thanks so much for your review! Boy howdeee, it’s thorough!!! We’re so glad it brings you enjoyment and helps make your low carb lifestyle easier!!! Again, thanks for taking the time to come share your opinion!

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