Keto Boboli Copykat – Low Carb Keto & Gluten Free

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Keto Boboli Copykat – Low Carb Keto & Gluten Free

Once in a while you come upon a recipe so versatile it changes life as you know it. People want convenient, healthy low carb keto foods to replace former high carbage nonsense, like pizza crust. We want our low carb pizza crust! Am I right? Well thanks to Fluffy Chix Cook, great tasting low carb keto pizza crusts, aka Keto Boboli crusts, rule school and make short work out of low carb pizza.







Special thanks to one of the Fluffy Chix Cook fans and friends for inspiring the evolution of this recipe. Carol Wheatfree decided to try making and baking the Mile High Biscuits in the oven instead of the microwave. She used the cutest mini quiche pan (multi-well) and ended up with gorgeous low carb buns. The crumb (that’s a high carbage term for the structure of the bread), was open and airy, like an artisan bread. I’ve made sourdough miches with that type of crumb. I’ve made English Muffins with that type of crumb! But that was in my high carbage days, many moons ago. But until now, I’ve never made low carb keto bread that had such a wonderful, bready, crumb!



(Click on the image to purchase this cool mini quiche pan from Fluffy Chix Cook’s trusted Amazon partner.) Your purchase helps support Fluffy Chix Cook’s blogging efforts at no cost to you! Carol Wheatfree made Fluffy Chix Cook’s Mile High Biscuits as hamburger buns, baked in the oven! Isn’t she clever? xoxo for trying them out!! Love the pan!


Here’s the tart pan Carol used in case you want to run out and buy one, as I am contemplating doing as I write…They’re made in the USA, woot! Now here’s a comment from Carol about how filling these babies are! Remember there’s lots of fiber in these biscuits and rolls! Carol said, “I love my tart pan, but the hamburger buns I made with it last night are so filling that a slightly smaller version like this one might be better.”


81UOBYtJqnL__SL1500_mini-round cake pan

(Click on the image to purchase this pan from Fluffy Chix Cook’s trusted Amazon partner.) Your purchase helps support Fluffy Chix Cook’s blogging efforts at no cost to you…score!




I decided if Carol could make hamburger buns, then I could darn well make a pizza crust and so the Best Keto Boboli Copykat was born. I can’t stress how convenient it is to have the Mile High Biscuit Mix made ahead, just waiting for your latest low carb concoction. Because it’s versatile people. Versatile. Savory. Sweet…biscuit, bread, flatbread—do we really need to Bubba Gump this one?




I used 5 tablespoons of mix to make an 8-inch crust. And it took all of about 3 minutes, or less, to mix it together to form the batter. I also whipped up a quick mold, grabbing my medium stainless sauce pan, slapping a sheet of nonstick aluminum foil over the bottom and molding it into a round well. I set the mold on a sheet pan and poured in the batter and 12 minutes later, history was made!

I don’t care whether you add the optional toppings; eat it plain as a focaccia with olive oil and za’atar spices (delish btw), or top it with gobs of cheese and marinara to create your perfect keto pizza! Just try it. It will ROCK your world. And BTW (by the way), my sincere apologies about the use of canned mushrooms. Fluffy Chix adapt. The saddest of sads happened. I figured out too late, that we were out of fresh mushrooms! Oh, the horror! So we used canned mushrooms, yes. I said canned. Put your teeth back in your mouth, Mama. I’m just grateful for the hurricane locker we keep for emergency food supplies.




And don’t think I’m not going to make a Schlotzsky’s Copykat Sandwich with this bread. Make it a little smaller and you’ll have a gorgeous bun. That’s what the crumb reminds me of, now that I think about it—a Schlotsky’s original bun!

BTW, some of you might question why I’m bringing low carb keto bread into your life. Shouldn’t you be cold turkey, abstemious little puritans? Well…that depends. Will being puritan allow you to live without stress in this lifestyle, day-in-day-out, 24/7/365? Cuz if you can, more freakin’ power to you. You’re the man (or chix). But I can’t. I’m a huge, hairy backslider. And if I have these weapons in my arsenal for those days when it’s either make a low carb Boboli Pizza using this recipe or resume the hanky panky with the pizza delivery dude…guess which one I’m going to choose? Sustainability, baby. Livin’ the life.

Keto Boboli Copykat crust is not Induction friendly or Page 4 friendly. It is OWL friendly though and can be made gluten free using the subs discussed in the Mile High Biscuit Mix recipe.





(Oh and just a note: This is a bread-like crust. Experiments are underway to make a crispy crust from it; a super thin one. And we’re also experimenting with making it crunchier.)


Keto Boboli Copykat – Low Carb Keto & Gluten Free

Prep Time: 3 minutes

Cook Time: 12 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes

Yield: 2 servings

Serving Size: 1/2 pizza

Calories per serving: 120

Fat per serving: 7g

Keto Boboli Copykat – Low Carb Keto & Gluten Free

So close to a real Boboli Pizza crust with only 3g Effective Carbs per serving (1/2 8-10-inch pizza). Delish! Keto Boboli Copykat Crusts freeze and reheat great!



  1. Mix crust ingredients with a spatula until smooth and evenly combined. Pour batter into a nonstick aluminum foil or parchment lined pan, or make your own mold. See NOTE. Add optional toppings and sprinkle with granulated garlic or dot with freshly minced or pressed garlic. Bake at 350°, until golden and baked through (about 10-12 minutes).


The Mile High Biscuit Mix really makes this crust so easy and quick. Enjoy it dipped in extra virgin olive oil with zaatar spices or make it into a pizza with your choice of toppings!

We made our own 8-in round mold using the bottom of a medium stainless sauce pan and a sheet of nonstick aluminum foil. It took 30 seconds to make and we will put the mold in the freezer and use it again.

Serving Ideas Serve on its own, or top and make pizza!

1/2 Keto Boboli without Toppings:120 Calories; 7g Fat (54.3% calories from fat); 8g Protein; 6g Carbohydrate; 4g Dietary Fiber; 20mg Cholesterol; 2g Effective Carbs

1/2 Keto Boboli with Toppings: 144 Calories; 9g Fat (54.8% calories from fat); 10g Protein; 7g Carbohydrate; 4g Dietary Fiber; 24mg Cholesterol; 3g Effective Carbs

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  1. Oh Wow is this new? Looks good

    • Yes mam, brand new. Made with the Mile High Biscuit Mix. So easy. 3 minutes or less. 😀

  2. Wow! You should get a medal or something for this one!

    • Hope you like it! xoxo

      • I’m pretty new to baking of any kind, so this might be a dumb question to some of you but please bear with me: Using this as a pizza crust, is it baked first, or partially baked, before adding toppings? If so, how long to pre-bake, and how long to bake AFTER adding toppings? Thank you. I’m dying to try this! 🙂

        • Hi Maria, and welcome! Not a dumb question. This recipe is just for the crust. Bake it as directed in the instructions. Think it’s 10-12 minutes at 350°. It needs to be baked and firm, but doesn’t need to be browned. Then make your pizza as desired. I like putting cheese first then dot with sauce and toppings. A recipe for that will be coming soon. Bake at 350° until cheese is melty and gooey and crust is golden. Good luck!

  3. I love my tart pan, but the hamburger buns I made with it last night are so filling that a slightly smaller version like this one might be better. I thought I might use the tart pan for more things so got that, but if buns are the main use I’d prefer the smaller one. (So now I’m famous?)

    • Haha! Not quite, but do you have a blog I can link to you? 😀 Thanks for the update! I will go exchange it with your note!! MUAH! xoxo!

      • Nope, no blog. Since I try out recipes from all over the web and have found your tortilla and buns to be the best of anyone’s, I’m wondering about your favorite pancake. Is it made from the Mile High mix or do you have another? I didn’t see one listed on your site.

        • How did you make your buns? (How much mix, etc.?

          • Sandy, Carol in this thread is the one who made the buns. She’s the star of that show. Why not pop down and comment? I’ve asked her for her “secret” to the buns. 😀 Maybe with your help, she’ll answer us both and then I will add a variation to the recipe giving Carol creds for the buns! 😀

          • It’s just the Mile High biscuits only baked in the oven in a wider pan. I used one whole large egg.

          • Okey doke!! MUAH. Will go make a Version for it. 😀

        • I will try to get you my pancake recipe soon, Carol! TY for your vote of confidence in my tortillas and buns!! You make my heart grow three sizes! 😀 On of the other readers asked about the hamburger buns. Did you just use the same Mile High Biscuit Recipe for 1 and pour it into the pan? I ask selfishly because I will be making them for tomorrow night. 😀 I’m going to have BBQ Pulled Chicken on the buns with Coleslaw topper! 😀 And all through your inspiration! TY!

          • Just your biscuit recipe. Nothing different, just poured it into two tart pans instead of ramekins. Today I used the same recipe and poured it into one 5″ square-ish Corningware dish, microwaved it, and got three nice slices of bread. We split one for dinner, and hubby gets the other two as a sandwich in his lunch pail tomorrow.

          • Fabulous!!! 😀 (Still using the 1 whole egg to the two biscuit (4TBSP Mix) recipe?

          • Yes, Ma’am. Why mess with perfection?

  4. Hello FluffyChix – I have been away awhile but am back and about to start my low carb/keto way of life all over again. Thank you for all your hard work on this site! Love ya!
    Barefootcookingirl AKA BCG 🙂

    • Yay!!! Where ya been? We’ve MISSED you soooo much!!!! xoxo Hope you like the new nest!

      • Hey – not been anywhere interesting, just bogged down with everyday life and work. Everyone know what I mean?! The never ending vicious circle that can be LIFE. But I popped my head up from my desk today and I am so glad I did! You made me LOL and SMILE!
        Can’t wait to try your Boboli Copykat pizza base. Looks so yummy! You rock lady!!
        Love the new nest! Perfecto! Love ya!

  5. Is it important to use the apple cider vinegar? Can I use regular vinegar? I have a child with food intolerances(peanuts apples carrots celery peaches pears plums hazelnuts walnuts almond and artichokes) so sometimes it is a challenge especially with low carb. I really like to have one unified meal so everyone eats together so no one feels “different”. Thanks in advance!!!

    • go for it hon! use the vinegar of choice. have u tried coconut vinegar?

  6. Oh, Sooze, this is a fave of mine, and the Psylli Wraps!!!!

    Happy Birthday, girl!!!



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