Mile High Keto Biscuits – OWL | Low Carb | Gluten Free

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Mile High Keto Biscuits – OWL | Low Carb | Gluten Free

As low carbers and keto-opians we often miss portability and convenience foods the most. Those foods you pick up with your hands like you did in a former high carb world are missed the most, like biscuit breakfast sandwiches. If you’ve ever googled for low carb biscuits or keto biscuits, you’re in good company. We all want healthy convenient low carb keto breakfast foods we can pick up with our hands. Fluffy Chix Cook’s Low Carb Mile High Biscuits not only make breakfast food convenient, but the low carb Mile High Biscuit Mix makes them convenient to make, too.







People of Keto-pia arise! Not only do you now possess the power within to make convenient low carb breakfast food options, but you now have low carb-alicious portability, too! Rejoice! Mile High Keto Biscuits work great for any meal and do offer convenient portability, but they aren’t “just” for breakfast anymore! We eat them at any meal and morph them to protect their identity: sometimes we make bread from the Mile High Keto Biscuit Mix and other times we use the mix to make flatbreads, wraps, “English Muffins” and so many more options, we’d be here all day.

As a practicing DFSW, I can swear to you that the joy is back in Mudville because of this fabotastic biscuit recipe. Are you kidding me? Low Carb Biscuits with 1g of net Effective Carbs? Hold me. Then begin making low carb sausage or Bacon Gravy. Yes, please and I’ll arrive within 30 minutes to help you eat them.




You can even use this batter to make coffee cake, pancakes and waffles! Now be warned. At first, the batter looks impossibly thin. It can’t possibly work! Darn it! I shoulda added less liquid. But don’t be fooled. Stir it all together. Poof. Then walk away. As Alton instructs, “Walk away! Just, walk away.” (only you don’t even need to bother mixing dry ingredients separately from wet, just tump. I said, “TUMP,” it all in together and stir until the batter looks completely mixed.  Don’t touch the batter again for 5 minutes. When you come back, it will be thicker and ready to cook.

You can make 1 biscuit at a time. But why would you? Make 2 and put one away for tomorrow. It’s easier and Lucky Leftovers rule school. Don’t forget to split and toast the Mile High Keto Biscuits with butter. OMGersh—so good.




This is the companion low carb biscuit recipe that goes with the Mile High Biscuit Mix posted earlier this week. It’s such a simple method, no cutting in solid fats, no careful stirring techniques to keep the biscuits from becoming tough. Simply tump everything together and stir! Then sit back, have a swig of coffee or two and wait 2-3 minutes for the batter to rest and thicken slightly.




A Key Note:
A couple of people did not experience the rise I described as “mile high.” They tasted great and rose nicely, but did not have that explosive tall.


So my friend Allison and I tested the recipe this morning and made a slight tweak. She helped test the idea of adding a splash of unfiltered apple cider vinegar—an ingredient I’ve used successfully in both the old fashioned Southern Biscuit from the Fluffy Chix Archives and with OMM (one minute muffins aka cakes).

Apple cider vinegar (I like Bragg’s unfiltered) adds nice flavor to batters and increases acidity, making it easier for the baking powder to make bubbles and create a rise. It’s worth trying in baked goods. I also recommend trying your regular baking powder, then trying the homemade baking powder mix. 2parts cream of tartar:1part baking soda.




The other piece of the equation is that your ramekin or baking dishes should be about 2 ½ or so inches in diameter for the best amount of rise given the volume of batter described in the recipe.

Thanks Allison for your willingness to test and review!! Visit Allison’s Pinterest Boards—such an incredible collection!


Hope you try these and let me know how they turned out!!


So what’s your favorite way to eat biscuits? Share with us please? Did you grow up eating biscuits? You might be a Southerner if…

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Mile High Keto Biscuits – OWL | Low Carb | Gluten Free

Prep Time: 1 minute

Cook Time: 1 minute

Total Time: 2 minutes

Yield: 2 biscuits

Serving Size: 1 biscuit

Calories per serving: 78

Fat per serving: 4g

Mile High Keto Biscuits – OWL | Low Carb | Gluten Free

Mile High Keto Biscuits are the OWL friendly biscuit recipe that's a companion to the Mile High Keto Biscuit Mix recipe. It's easiest to make these 2 at a time!



  1. Oil 2 4-oz ramekins (Norpro, 6 piece set) with olive oil or bacon grease.
  2. Mix all ingredients with a spatula until evenly combined. Rest batter for 2 to 5 minutes. Batter thickens as it sits. Stir before dividing between the 2 oiled ramekins.
  3. Microwave Version
  4. Microwave on high for 45 to 49 seconds. Cook 1 at a time for the best rise. Remove from ramekin and serve immediately. Biscuit will be soft and bread-like. Or split biscuits and toast in a toaster oven, cut side up, until golden. Butter and serve for a more biscuit-like experience!
  5. Oven Method- )From my experimenting friend Carol Wheatfree (Thanks Carol! Hats off to you!)
  6. If baking these in the oven, use either the 4 tablespoons of egg whites or use 1 large whole egg (use a little less egg for the oven version than you do in the microwave version), in the recipe as written. Split biscuit batter between 2 oiled ramekins and bake in a preheated 350 oven for about 10 to 12 minutes. (Psssst: Check them at 8 minutes to make sure they didn't cook quicker. You can also use mini quiche pans and mini cake pans to make sandwich buns using this same method.


This is Fluffy Chix Cook’s favorite, OWL friendly, low carb keto biscuit recipe. We love that the recipe offers an option for those wanting, or needing, gluten free options and we love that it's entirely diabetic friendly and won't spike your insulin or blood glucose.

When you have the biscuit mix on hand, you can make so many different low carb bread recipes in only minutes. We use the microwave for initial cooking, because for some reason, the boost of moist cooking power from the microwave drives a higher, more explosive rise than that experienced through conventional baking. It takes very little time to cook initially in the micro, then brown in the toaster oven. But feel free to experiment!

Serving Ideas Enjoy these with butter and low carb preserves or as a breakfast or sandwich. Dry split biscuits in the oven and use in delicious low carb dressing!

Nutritional Information

Per Biscuit: 78 Calories; 4g Fat (47.5% calories from fat); 6g Protein; 4g Carbohydrate; 3g Dietary Fiber; 13mg Cholesterol; 1g Effective Carbs

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Copyright © 2012 Fluffy Chix Cook. All rights reserved.


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  1. These look good but I won’t use a microwave. How would I cook them in the oven?

    • 350° for 8-10 minutes. The rise will not be that awesome, but should still yield a great tasting biscuit. Let me know how they work out!

  2. I’ve done a google search and can’t find the Mile High carb mix. Is this something you mix yourself or is it store bought and where did you find it, if so? I want to make these! Would it work with Carbquik?

    • Hi Jackie, yes, it is a mix that I make here. Low carb of course! Here is the link to the Mile High Biscuit Mix.

      You could use Carbquik for some of it, but I’ve no idea what to replace. Maybe try experimenting and let us know! I don’t know what you want to replace.

  3. This recipe is fantastic!!!! I didn’t wait for it to thicken but just poured it into my tart pan (, waited a few minutes, baked them in the oven, and ended up with two wonderfully flexible, neutral tasting hamburger buns. I did stir one of them in the pan just to see if it would make a difference. That one ended up with a rougher top but both rose the same amount so I won’t bother to stir them in the future. Wish I had the option to attach a picture here. Thank you so much for this recipe.

  4. You hit it out of the park–by a country mile–on this one, Sooze! My children are requesting these biscuits over LC donuts and not because the donuts were a flop, but because THESE biscuits are that good! Three cheers for your Mile High Biscuits. Awesome creation.

    • Yay, you’ve no idea how much this just makes my day! I love hearing how Fluffy Chix recipes make a difference in your lives and those of your family!!!! And they’re so dead-easy, too!

  5. Darlin’, can I say this without sounding weird…but ‘where you been all my life’??!! I’ve been doing low carb for a while now and have made some NASTY so-called bread that totally wasted my EXPENSIVE products. THESE WERE AWESOME, and I KNOW my biscuits! I’m very southern and really do not want all those that say ‘add a load of cheese for the ‘batter’ ‘. Certainly NOT a real biscuit! This is! I’m hoping you will keep cranking out the recipes so there will be some decent foods to eat without killing my health and weight loss. THANK YOU, girl!!

    • OMG! You just made my day! I’m a Southern/Texas food snob too! I’m so glad you approve!! TY and hope you will stick around and post often! IF you haven’t gotten the Tex-Mex FEAST yet and made both tortillas (but especially the flour ones), you don’t know what you’re missing!

  6. Sooze rocks + “Kerrygold Butter makes everything bettah!”

  7. You have solved my cravings for biscuits/bread – thank you so much! And, with the best butter around…Kerrygold Butter makes everything bettah

  8. Kerrygold Butter makes everything bettah!

  9. I use this for ev-uh-ry-thing. Make it in a bowl, slice it and use it for grilled cheese. With lots of butter, cause Kerrygold Butter makes everything bettah!

  10. Love the site! Love the sass! Love the yummy recipes that will help me shrink my…..bottom! And – I lovelovelove LOVE Kerry Gold butter! Kerrygold Butter makes everything bettah!

  11. My hubby says I have a love affair with kerrygold butter and cheese. Kerrygold cheese platter and almond crackers 3 nights a week. Nothing better than grass fed Kerrygold butter Love it. “Kerrygold butter makes everything bettah”

  12. Yummy. Gonna make these tomorrow. Kerrygold butter makes everyting bettah!

  13. Love this recipe, especially with low carb jam and Kerrygold butter. ‘Cause Kerrygold Butter makes everything bettah!

  14. These look so fluffy and gooood! But you know, Kerrygold Butter makes everything bettah ! 🙂

  15. Help! lol
    I made the Keto mix, measured out the amount for biscuits and the dough was so thick no need to wait.

    What you think I did wrong?


  16. You are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. – love all your recipes!!

  17. And forgot to mention…….”Kerrygold Butter makes everything bettah!”

  18. I love this – and all of your – recipes. This is one that makes me forget I’ve gone low carb! Just a dollop of butter on these is all I need. “Kerrygold Butter makes everything bettah!”

  19. Never Mind…. lol

    I put 8 tbsps. instead of 4!!! I used a two tablespoon measure and counted out four.

    No making fun of me, I’m old. lol

    Made them again and realized what I did. They came out really good. Thanks for recipe.

  20. This site is amazing, and Kerrygold Butter makes everything bettah!

  21. these are really cute!! i use a lot of kerrygold butter. it’s my favorite!! i’d love a coupon!

    kerrygold butter makes everything better!

  22. I love the Fluffies and the recipes on Fluffy Chix Cook, not to mention that “Kerrygold Butter makes everything bettah!” <3

  23. I loved this soft bread. I made it in a whoopee pie tin (muffin tops) and it was a perfect burger bun. I also tried adding One teaspoon of Italian spices and it was so yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    • Oh Audrey so glad it worked for you and you loved it!!! Thanks for the love note!

  24. These are GREAT! I can’t wait to try adding different seasonings and trying a sweet version with a little more stevia and some cocoa powder! This is our new go to for biscuits.

  25. First,just let me tell you this biscuit recipe has changed the low carb game! I am so in love with these biscuits!! Think I’ll be eating these for breakfast for the next 6 months! Thanks sooo much for posting. Can’t wait to try out your other recipes 😀

  26. I wanted to stop by and tell you I finally made your Biscuit Mix and tried your Mile High Biscuits. I did the MW version and they were quite good in flavor and texture. I added 2 T. resistant wheat starch, so they came out even whiter. I’m going to try to make six in the oven to get a top crust next time. Thanks for this recipe.


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